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Hummingbird Momma was my creation but was given its name about five years ago by my husband.  He had watched patiently as I spent many summers trying to get these little Hummers to come to my feeders.  Over the years I spent a lot of my time researching what worked and what did not work.

Being sensitive to environmental issues, I began to seek out and develop the purest organic formulation available to feed my little friends. Because of the time I spent on this project, my husband started calling me Hummingbird Momma!

Many people fill their feeders too full, not realizing that heat and direct sunlight will turn the nectar rancid.  To avoid this, putting smaller amounts of nectar in the feeder  is not only more economical, but the solution will stay fresher. Cleaning the feeder with lukewarm water (no soap or detergent) and refilling them with fresh nectar kept my little Hummers returning day after day, all summer long!

I also learned that hanging feeders in the shade was helpful, however I did not always have that option.  When this was not possible, I began changing my nectar frequently if it was in a sunny area to help keep it fresh.

It is important to note that our little Hummers are very territorial and will fight a lot over the feeders if they are too close together.  Strategically placing your feeders in separate locations helps to eliminate feeder competition. A sad lesson learned early on, was to not put the feeders too close to my windows. While it is fascinating to watch them up close, when they began to fight over the feeders, I unfortunately lost a few Hummers as they would accidentally fly into our windows and sliding glass doors.

The most important part of my research dispelled the myth that the red dye in the nectar attracts our Hummers.  In fact, depending on the manufacturer, the colored dye in these nectar packs can be quite toxic. Hanging fragrant red and purple flowers close to the feeders are much more enticing.

For these reasons,  I developed my own organic, all natural nectar concentrate that provides the birds with a nectar that is most similar in consistency and sweetness as that found in natural flowers. Try it and see the difference! 


Hummingbird Momma

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