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Our Mission and final goal is to provide our customer base with a healthy "Hummingbird Safe"  nectar at a competitive price.


Hummingbird Momma's "Organic Hummingbird Food" is the only "Iron Free" USDA Certified Organic Hummingbird nectar available within this market and category.


Hummingbird Momma is honored to be a Proud Sponsor of The International Hummingbird Society

🌟A Healthy Hummer is a Happy Hummer 😁

Our "USDA Certified" Organic Nectar is not a complex formulation nor does it contain preservatives and other questionable additives that may potentially cause allergic reactions, behavioral changes, and long-term health issues to our Hummingbirds.

Go Organic !!

Hummingbird Momma's Premium USDA Organic Nectar

Hummingbird Momma's Organic Hummingbird food closely replicates the nectar found in nature.... 

A Message From the Hummingbird Momma, Tammy Muranyi