All Natural Hummingbird Food

Safe & Healthy Hummingbird Nectar You Can Feel Good About

  • No Red Dye
  • No Preservatives
  • No Pesticides
  • No Bleaching Chemicals

Organic Hummingbird Feed

Approximates the sweetness and consistency of the nectar naturally found in flowers. Our concentrate contains all the natural vitamins and minerals your frequent flyer needs to refuel, without iron, pesticides, preservatives or dye.

About Hummingbird Momma

I spent many summers trying to get little Hummers to come to my feeders.  Over the years I spent a lot of my time researching what worked and what did not work. Because of the time I spent on this project, my husband started calling me Hummingbird Momma!

Being sensitive to environmental issues, I began to seek out and develop the purest organic hummingbird nectar formulation available to feed my little friends. The most important part of my research dispelled the myth that the red dye in the nectar attracts our Hummers. In fact, depending on the manufacturer, the colored dye in these nectar packs can be quite toxic.

For these reasons,  I developed my own organic, all natural nectar concentrate that provides the birds with a nectar that is most similar in consistency and sweetness as that found in natural flowers. Try it and see the difference!

Helpful hints to keep little Hummers returning day after day!
● Use smaller amounts of hummingbird nectar in the feeder
● Change hummingbird food frequently
● Clean the feeder with lukewarm water (no soap or detergent)
● Hang feeders in the shade
● Hang fragrant red and purple flowers close by to entice hummers
● Place feeders in separate locations to help eliminate feeder competition

Hummingbird Articles

Jun 22, 2021

Go Organic Today!

There are a lot of urban myths that are dictating that people choose exclusively non-organic refined white sugar because of the supposed danger to wild hummingbirds from the trace amounts of iron that may be in organic white sugar.  Some of these recommendations cite a single report so I had a closer look at this report to see if the hysteria was warranted.

Jun 3, 2021

What’s in Your Feeder? - White Sugar: The Harmful Elements

Refining raw cane sugar into white table sugar is a complicated process that involves hundreds of organic, inorganic and electrolytic materials. Many of these chemicals can cause irritation to different parts of your body and, in high enough doses, some of them can even be poisonous or toxic.

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