Do Orioles Feed From Your Hummingbird Feeder?

As you will note in these 2 videos, We have a pair of Orioles feeding from our Hummingbird Feeders and enjoying every drop of Hummingbird Mommas USDA Certified Organic Nectar.

Mind you, these feeders are older feeders with Larger feeding portholes which allows them to comfortably take sip after sip. Most of the newer feeders now have very small portholes.

For the best feeding results, I suggest you purchase a colorful Oriole feeder, fill it with Hummingbird Momma's Organic Nectar...

And enjoy the show!

This pair of Orioles ended up having babies ....

We enjoyed watching them grow up as they returned year after year. Normally they will come through our region (Illinois) the first part of April.

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